Frank Gehry at MedienHafen Port

This is the most innovative and avant-garde part of the city. Plenty of leisure spaces and one hundred percent cosmopolitan.

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Frank Gehry at MedienHafen Port

Düsseldorf modernity.

Meidenhafen is the city of Düsseldorf’s port, and shows its more avant-garde, modern and innovative side, as opposed to the Old Town and its Gothic buildings. It is also one of the most popular leisure areas for locals as well as tourists. You will find an array of restaurants, bars and pubs here, but what really characterises this zone is the architectural design of its buildings, which create one of the most cosmopolitan areas of the city. Firstly, the three buildings designed by Canadian Frank Gehry are easily recognisable by their sense of movement. Secondly, the Stadttor, or door to the city, is an unusual building located above the entrance to a tunnel. Designed by Petzinka&Partner, it got its nickname from its resemblance to a doorframe.

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