This museum covers both the personal and professional life of Goethe, a German writer par excellence.

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Goethe Museum

A tribute to the universal man.

Before you enter this building, you must know that Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe was not just another German writer, as he played a key role in creating the literary genre of Romanticism throughout the 18th century and was one of the most influential people in the history of Germany. Through the years, Goethe has become one of the country’s most renowned symbols. Deemed the last “universal” man, the author of Faust is the image of literature and Romanticism in this city. The museum pays tribute to him with collection upon collection, as he himself was a die-hard collector and compiled a vast collection of medals, coins, engravings and much more throughout his life, which are all displayed here today. Additionally, a large number of his works, manuscripts, personal letters and other possessions are exhibited here, creating a special and personal look into his life.

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