This"'ex-island"'s quirky history makes it well worth a visit.

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Kaiserwerth Island

Oodles of history.

The story of the old Kaiserwerth Island is one of Düsseldorf’s strangest. Located in the middle of the Rhine River as it passes the city, it began to be inhabited around the year 700. At that time, a monk named Saint Suitbertus built a Benedictine abbey, which was destroyed eight decades later. However, in the 11th century, one of the imperial palaces was built here. During the young King Henry IV’s reign here, the Archbishop Anno I of Cologne kidnapped him and took control of the crown. Later, in the 12th century, Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa moved his residence to this island. It then became a strategic location and, temporarily, a territory belonging to Cologne. In 1929, after numerous conflicts, it became a territory of Düsseldorf once again, and the island was no longer an island, due to the fact that it eventually joined up with the land and now makes up part of the riverbank.

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