Cheap, quality beer and an unusual DJ. This is the place to be at nightfall.

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Melans Gasse

A unique, special bar.

Melans Gasse is not a normal bar. Located on Hülnerstall Street, at the heart of the city, it is surrounded by many other bars and taverns. But all the locals know that this bar is different. Melans Gasse is the place to be at night, for various reasons. Firstly, they sell beer for under two Euros, which makes this bar very popular with youths and students. Groups upon groups of friends gather here to buy rounds of beer for each other. Shots and other local drinks are also popular here, and only cost one Euro. The resident DJ is also one of Düsseldorf’s icons. This is an over fifty-year-old lady in a hat, who plays music and dedicates every night to animating the crowds. This bar is easily recognisable, as it has a cockerel at the door.

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