In the middle of these gardens, you will find a genuine Japanese garden that's well worth a visit.

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Nordpark park

Beautifully wooded.

The North Park (or Nordpark) is one of Düsseldorf’s most beautiful areas. It dates back to 1937, when the city hosted the ‘Great Reich Exhibition of the Productive People’. This was a very important time in German history. These enormous gardens, dotted with statues and symbols of the regime, were opened for this celebration. Despite their unpopularity at the park’s inauguration, the two large figures titled ‘Horse Tamers’ by Edwin Scharff, were made for the dictatorship at that time. You must also visit the Japanese garden that the Japanese community presented the city of Düsseldorf with in 1975. This is the largest Japanese area in Europe. This visit offers an interesting comparison between both eastern and western cultures, as you stroll through and admire the adornment of both parks.

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