Bryan Adams displayed his collection of portraits here, so just imagine what kind of centre this is!

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NRW-Forum Centre

Artistic and avant-garde.

One of the reasons that Düsseldorf has become such a cosmopolitan city is that it is home to enormous museums dedicated to the classical period and the Middle Ages, as well as galleries and centres displaying some of the most avant-garde collections. The NRW-Forum plays a key role in the city’s more contemporary culture. Located at number 2, Ehrenhof Street, this gigantic building offers all types of international and national exhibitions. Closely linked to the new arts, you are bound to find series of photography, graphic design and advertising here. Celebrities, such as the Canadian singer Bryan Adams, have chosen this space to exhibit their collection of portraits. It is also a Mecca for architecture aficionados, due to its plethora of exhibitions.

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