Sausages and Altbier- a perfect, thoroughly German, combination. Enjoy!

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Ordering an Altbier

Strong and dark.

‘Altbier’, a dark, strong beer, is the typical beer served in Düsseldorf. Up until recently, it was also called Dussel, as it was also distilled in the city. However, since it does not have a designated origin, it can also be brewed in other places. Whatever the case may be, it is imperative that you spend some time in the Old Town or Altstadt, which is commonly know as the largest bar in the world, due to its plethora of bars, pubs and taverns. The first thing you must order is an alt, and we recommend accompanying it with a portion of local sausages. These bars all offer local dishes, and it is also a good idea to line your stomach when drinking such a strong 'altbier'.

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