A must-see: bars, taverns, architecture, sculptures and huge amounts of history.

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Rathaus, the city's Town Hall

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The city’s Old Town is called Altstadt. This formed the first part of the city and documents the city’s existence since back to the 11th century. Today, it is commonly known as the world’s largest bar, due to its large amount of bars and taverns that line its streets. At the centre of the Old Town, you will find Marktplatz square, one of the most important parts of the city. Among other reasons, it is home to the Town Hall, or Rathaus, and is one of the city’s historic business and trade centres. This Gothic building was founded in 1573 and is comprised of three buildings that were built in the years after. The presiding statue honouring the memory of Prince Johann Wilhelm, also known as Jan Wellem, has been watching over the town’s stunning square since 1703.

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