The journey of tales and legends is a must-see… Discover the area's most fantastical fables.

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Rheinischer Sagenweg

Mythological excursions.

The city of Düsseldorf and the whole North-Westphalia Rhineland region has amassed a vast array of tales, legends and mythological stories that revolve around it. It has been the setting for so much mythology that the excursion to Rheinischer Sagenweg has been nicknamed ‘the journey of tales and legends’. This is the path that connects this city to Mainz. Along the way, you can visit 48 small villages and a large handful of medieval castles, which have all given rise to fantastical tales and legendary characters. This area has also been the backdrop for many writers and artists around the world. From Victor Hugo to Clemens Brentano, many have written about the mythical surroundings of the Rhine Valley, but it was Heinrich Heine above all, who revealed the fantastical nature of this German zone to the rest of the world.

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