Saint Apollinaris and the city's biggest festival

Every July, the Düsseldorf outskirts are filled with fun for all the family. God bless Saint Appollinaris!

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Saint Apollinaris and the city's biggest festival

Saint Apollinaris reigns supreme.

Saint Appollinaris is the patron saint of the city, and is celebrated on the 23rd of July. This festival is celebrated alongside an old marksman championship, and Düsseldorf really puts on a good show for it. This is the largest festival of the year, with huge galas and festivities along the Rhine riverbanks, in the enormous meadows that surround the river in the city’s outskirts. Throughout the month, these fields are filled with all kinds of attractions, with ferris wheels and all kinds of fun and etertainment for all ages. There is also a shooting competition held every day, in honour of the city’s long-lived tradition. Marksmen from all over Germany and further afield gather here to compete for first place and be crowned king of the marksmen. The festival ends with an open-air dance and a spectacular fireworks display on the river.

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