A prime example of both Romanesque and Catholic architecture in the middle of the small village of Neuss.

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Saint Quirin Chapel

Eight sides.

The peculiar octagonal tower in front of you signifies that you have arrived at Saint Quirin Church, one of the best examples of 13th-century Catholicism in the entire North Rhineland. You can see that Romanesque architecture was at its peak in this area, as there are many clear architectural examples of German Catholicism. This enormous monument was built in the tiny village of Neuss, just a stone’s throw from Düsseldorf. For art and architecture connoisseurs, you will notice the characteristic four towers surrounding the dome that form a diamond-shaped roof, as well as certain elements that are closer to Gothic style, as opposed to Romanesque, making it a very unusual building, as it transitions from one style to another. Of course, the sky-blue dome is the most identifiable part of the building.

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