The headquarters of the German Chancery is an avant-garde glass and steel structure that towers over the city.

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Stadttor, or the door to the city.

A rectangular skyscraper.

The southern entrance to the city of Düsseldorf is protected by this interesting monument, which was erected between 1992 and 1998 and designed by architects Overdiek, Petzinka & Partner. This skyscraper was built on the actual tunnel that accesses Düsseldorf. Additionally, its symbolic rectangular form when observed from a distance immediately made it a symbol of the city and it became the headquarters for the German Chancery in 1999. At 77 metres tall, its structure is made of steel and a modern mirrored design decorates its façade, making it one of the most avant-garde architectural monuments you could imagine. The building actually won an Oscar Award for Architecture in 1998. Many have compared it to the Grande Arche de la Defense in Paris, but we will leave this to you to decide.

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