Welcome to one of the most famous carnivals in the world. It all starts on 'Fat Thursday'.

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The Düsseldorf Carnivals


Unlike other places, Düsseldorf celebrates its carnivals in November. This festival begins on the 11th of the month and keeps the city animated and in costume for several days. The celebration is so popular that it is commonly referred to as the fifth season. It starts with ‘fat Thursday’, when ladies dressed as witches kidnap the mayor and take over vcontrol of the city. The following Sunday, Königsallee is taken over by thousands of people in costume and floats of all colours and purpose. Throughout the day, everyone restlessly awaits the big event that takes place the following day. That Monday, an official parade of floats, costumes and musical performances takes over the entire German city. Be sure to join in with the festivities’ traditional war cry, “Helau!”

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