Celebrated twice a year, this festival highlights both the local and international world of fashion.

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The Gallery Düsseldorf

Fashion invades Düsseldorf!

The Gallery Düsseldorf festival has been running for around 30 years, despite having changed its name and location. This is celebrated twice a year, in February and July, and has revolutionised the fashion world in this city. Designers flock to this festival from all over the world to display their exclusive collections, as well as smaller dressmakers who come to promote their clothing lines. Of course, it focuses on brands that are, or are trying to become, prestigious and exclusive names. This means that not all shops are able to benefit from this space, so the ‘showrooms’ on Königsallee are also open for an alternative part of the festival. Although it is mainly dedicated to the female public, the children’s version of the festival was inaugurated in 2012, in the same place at the same time.

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