Düsseldorf's best meat dishes are served here. This is the oldest restaurant in the city!

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The oldest part of the city

Born in 1628.

The Brauerei zum Schiffchen restaurant is located at number 5, Hafenstrasse Street, and is the oldest restaurant in the whole of Düsseldorf. It opened its doors way back in 1628, in the same location as it is found today, in the middle of Altstadt. If you’re strolling through the Old Town and want to sample some of the city’s most traditional cuisine, this is the place to go. Its historic value is also unquestionable and incredible. Inside, you will find the best meat of the city, and we recommend the 'metzger leibgeritcht', which is a dish of different local sausages. Any dish you order will be delicious, and don’t forget to order an 'altbier', the city’s typical dark beer, to accompany your meal.

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