Düsseldorf houses countless mementos of its internationally adored writer. Come and discover them!

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The poet Heine

Hooray for Heinrich Heine!

Heinrich Heine was born in 1797 at number 53, Bolker Street, on the interior patio of a house that no longer exists. He grew up on this street and became the most important representative of Romanticism, as well as the last of his kind. It was this writer that internationalised the Romantic Movement in the 19th century, as well as the city of Düsseldorf itself, its areas, its climate, its legends and its myths. Across the city you will find memorials and references to this figure, from busts exhibited in the Hofgarten, to the city’s own university that is named after him. However, those who would like to delve deeper into the history of this very important person should visit Bilker Street, where you will find the Heinrich Heine Institute, which boasts a library, museum and archive of his life and works.

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