Mountains, valleys, trees, deer, badgers, wolves… This is a thoroughly German ecosystem!

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The Rhine Valley

A rural adventure.

The Rhine Valley that surrounds the city is made up of mountains and valleys which appear along the river, all the way to Cologne and other parts of the country. All of these green mountains have played a part in the mythology and culture of the North-Westphalia Rhineland region. The forests are home to trees, such as the birch in the interior parts, and walnut and oak trees in the areas closer to the river. Deer and badgers live here, and some say they have even seen wolves. Take a break from the city and travel several kilometres away for a day trip. Nordpark and Bilk Park also display the area’s typical ecosystem, and kids can feed wild boar and fawns at the Wildpark. You choose how adventurous you’d like to be!

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