This is where they keep one of Düsseldorf's best-kept secrets: the recipe for this unique mustard.

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The secret to Düsseldorf mustard

The most famous mustard.

Hidden away in Altstadt’s network of alleyways, you will find a shop called Gewürzhaus Vogel. Today, this is the largest herb and spice dispensary that you will have ever seen, offering products that you will have never even heard of before. Their most famous product is what they call Mostertpöttchen, which is a mustard that is unique to the area, but world-renowned in the cooking world. In fact, although several attempts have been made to import it, it is very difficult to find it anywhere else but here. It is sold in unique and beautiful glass jars, adorned with two essential symbols. The first is an anchor, the symbol of the city. The second is the initials ABB, which stand for Adam Bernhard Bergrath, after whom the condiment is named. He first made it in 1781 and his recipe has been passed down through his family ever since.

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