Do you want to try the local dishes? Düsseldorf's Old Town is the place to do it.

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Traditional food in the Altstadt

A foodie tour.

All of the city’s Old Town is known as Altstadt and is the perfect place to sample some of the area’s gastronomy. Lose yourself in any of the alleyways and you will find endless amounts of bars and restaurants offering typical cuisine. Firstly, you must try the 'düsseldorfer senfrostbraten', a grilled roast served with mustard sauce. The 'rheinischersauerbraten' is also a roast, made with marinated beef. Another popular meat dish is the 'blutwurst', which is the typical German blood sausage. It is usually served with 'reibekuchen', made with fried potatoes in slices, served with black bread and local sauces. If you like tough meat, you must try the 'eintopf', a stew made with vegetables. This area is a meat-lover’s paradise. Of course, you can always sample a typical German sausage.

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