Tired of sausages? Come and try the best hummus in the city at Bosporus!

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Turkish food in Düsseldorf

Turkey in Düsseldorf.

Just as in the rest of Germany, there is a large Turkish community in Düsseldorf. Firmly integrated into society, this is the region’s largest foreign culture, particularly when it comes to gastronomy. Although you will see vast amounts of take-away food stalls dotted around the city, we recommend a restaurant, where you can sit down and sample traditional Turkish cuisine. This restaurant is called Bosporus, located at 174 Karl Rudolf Street in the city centre. Frequented daily by Turkish locals, this is not a particularly touristy place, and the food is guaranteed to be authentic. It is said that they serve the best hummus in the city, but, strangely enough, they are also famous for their fish soups. With very reasonable prices, this is a great place to take a break from German food and try something new.

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