Two unmissable restaurants.

Two luxury restaurant recommendations: Fuchschen and Uerige. Typically delicious!

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Two unmissable restaurants.

Bon appétit!

Düsseldorf’s cuisine is one of its key assets, and comprises some of the country’s finest dishes. This means that you can find wonderful restaurants all over the city, offering delicious lunches and dinners. The North Rhine region has a great culinary tradition, and you will find vast amount of taverns, all specialising in different types of 'altbier' (Düsseldorf’s typical beer). But if you want to eat before you drink all that beer, we recommend the Fuchschen restaurant on Rattingerstrasse Street. It has been open for many years and offers delicious German meat dishes. The Uerige restaurant on Bergerstrasse is another perfect place to sample some of the delicious traditional cuisine and local dishes. Bon Appetit, wherever you go!

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