If you want to immerse yourself in Düsseldorf customs, don't miss a trip to Rattingerstrasse on a Wednesday for a beer and a chit-chat.

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Wednesday nights

Unmissable Wednesdays.

One thing you should know about Düsseldorf, is that the locals gather every Wednesday for an event that is a must-see if you are looking to immerse yourself in the local culture of this city. Every Wednesday at sunset, crowds flock to a little cobbled alleyway in the Old Town.This is Rattingerstrasse, a central street that is famous for its vast array of bars and taverns that serve ‘altbier’ (this is how you should order a beer here). Strangely enough, despite the weather (Düsseldorf is not known for its pleasant weather), the street is completely full of animated people drinking beer. It is a predominantly young crowd, but professionals will also come here to take a mid-week break from work with beer and friends.

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