The marzipans of 'Niederegger' are delicious and the cakes from 'Leyssieffer' are rich and tasty… it's worth visiting both places!

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Chocolates and Sweets

Absolutely delicious.

Some of the typical gastronomical products from Frankfurt are chocolates and sweets. Although it's famous for the famous brand 'Milka', which fills adverts and shop windows everywhere with its popular lilac-coloured cow, we're going to tell you about the other chocolates that you can try. The marzipans from 'Niederegger' are also from this area. They are made throughout the whole year and they're easy to find in any bakery (they are also a very popular gastronomic souvenir). This same goes for the cakes made by 'Lebkuche-Schimdt'. There is a large variety of places where you can buy these type of desserts but we recommend that you visit 'Leyssieffer', which is located in the old train station (a place which you'll surely pass by at some time during your visit). You'll understand why all neighbouring residents of the city come to this place as soon as you walk in the shop.

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