A 90's skyscraper with large windows. The natural light in the building and its nocturnal lighting are both impressive.

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Commerzbank Tower

A financial symbol of Frankfurt.

This tower, together with the Main Tower, make up the two most characteristic symbols of Frankfurt's financial buildings. This skyscraper was built in the middle of the 90's by the architectural firm, Foster & Partners, with the intention of showing the strength and rise of the region's economy. That's why the tallest tower in Europe was erected and this construction stands 259 metres tall. This title was held until the year 2003, when it was surpassed by the city of Moscow and its Triumph Palace. At present, the Commerzbank is still the tallest building in Germany. As a usual feature of the constructions by these architects, this building was constructed and based on the sets of its enormous glass windows. Unfortunately, the only floor which is open to the public is the ground floor, but it's worth a visit just to see how the light and glass is enjoyed inside this building. Its nocturnal lighting is a also quite a spectacle.

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