Its 337 metres in height guarantee it as one of the tallest towers in the world and logically its panoramic views are spectacular.

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The asparagus of 'Ginnheim'.

The 'Europaturm' is also known as 'Ginnemer Spaschel' or the asparagus of 'Ginnheim', in reference to its neighbouring district. Designed by the architect Erwin Heinle and built in 1974, this tower took almost five years to complete. Its 337 and a half metres have made it the tallest tower in the region and one of the tallest in the world. The 'Europaturm' rapidly became one of the symbols of the city. Perhaps the restaurant and disco which were opened inside the building helped to increase its popularity. It wasn't only a milestone in the field of telecommunications, thousands of people came here for lunch, dinner, or to have a drink with such wonderful views. Unfortunately, these establishments have remained closed for many years now. Nevertheless, one of the perfect spots to observe the entire the city from a height is located in the district of 'Bockenheim'.

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