Excursions around the Main and the Rhine

The perspective of the city from the water is different and seductive and this is highly recommended.

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Excursions around the Main and the Rhine

Up the Main River, down the Rhine River.

A lovely and different way to get to know Frankfurt is to take one of these boats for touring the Main River from top to bottom. The city basically extends along the river banks, so this is a perfect way to keep your bearings and to get to know the city. The boats leave from the port of 'Eisernen Steg' and you can choose the route that you'd like to take from there. The first of these routes will take you in the direction of 'Griesheim', which is one of the economic lungs of the city, and up to the historical port of 'Westhafen'. The other option is to sail in the opposite direction until the Eastern port of the city and the area of 'Gernermühle'. Another option is to disembark at this point and go through the city from here. Both routes last approximately 50 minutes and if you'd like more information to buy tickets, you can visit www.frankfurt-tourismus.de.

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