Frankfurt Stock Exchange

While you visit this place, take a look at the statues opposite the building - apart from being amusing, they're very symbolic!

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Frankfurt Stock Exchange

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Although it's not as popular as others, the Frankfurt stock-market is the most important in Germany and the third most important in the world. It's one of the key places for investment and finance in the whole country. After the Second World War and the fall of the Nazi government, the city was gradually restored and it recovered its confidence to become an objective for investment for a large amount of companies from all over the world. In fact, it had to become the headquarters of the Central European Bank due to the enormous stock-exchange and enterprise movement that developed. It has to be taken into account that Germany is one of the strongest economic powers in the European Union. In front of the stock-market building, there are two amusing and symbolic statues. These are the bear and the bull, which are the two symbols that represent this institution. You only have to look at their position to understand that the bull symbolizes the peaks of the stock-market and the bear represents the troughs.

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