This zoo is a giant estate with animal species brought from all parts of the world. A brilliant day either with or without children.

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Frankfurt Zoo

Fun with the animals!

At number 1 on a street named 'Bernard-Grzimek Alle', you'll find Frankfurt Zoo. We recommend to come walking, since the zoo is just is a little outside the centre, but close enough to be reached on foot. You'll recognize it when you see the gigantic, golden-coloured central building and the enormous fountain that stands before the zoo. This gigantic estate with an area of nearly 14 hectares keeps a great variety of animal and vegetable species, which have been imported from all continents. In fact, certain ecosystems have been managed to be created, which make it the perfect place to keep the species that are in danger of extinction. One of the most popular attractions of this zoo is what's called 'Grzimek Haus'. In this enormous section of the park, a display of artificial lighting has been created to simulate nocturnal atmospheres. This way the visitor can observe purely nocturnal animal species which otherwise could not be seen.

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