Frauenfriedenskirche' (German for Our Lady's Peace Church)

This church with its modern touches and expressionist elements is quite a symbol of peace.

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Frauenfriedenskirche' (German for Our Lady's Peace Church)

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To visit and discover the churches in Frankfurt is a good way to understand the city and its history. As opposed to other places, you can take a trip through time from these religious temples. Apart from the centuries of history that have gone by since the first church that was o be built, which was St. Justin's Church, to the most modern one such as this church of 'Frauenfriedenskirche' , there is also a history of civilizations and religions. Throughout the city, you can find catholic and evangelist temples as well as those of other orders and trends. The 'Frauenfriedenskirche' is a unusual temple which was raised during the inter-war period between 1927 and 1929. Unlike the other churches in Frankfurt, this one has elements of the Bauhaus Movement and expressionism. This building was an initiative by the Catholic German Women's Organisation and it has become a peace symbol.

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