Are you looking for a one hundred percent Frankfurter menu? The combination of Frankfurter Würstechen sausage and bock beer is infallible.

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German sausages

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The famous German sausages are probably the product which is most genuinely German or they are the most famous, at least. But there is a great variety within this type of meat and according to the area of the country, there are different variations from others. In Frankfurt, the typical sausages are called 'Frankfurter Würstechen'. They are made from pork loin meat which is smoked and seasoned with salt, pepper and sometimes with other spices. The usual way to eat them is to simply heat them up and accompany them with a salad and potatoes (often presented in the form of a puré), radish, bread and especially mustard (the king of sauces in the area). Any place is good to try them since they are the traditional dish of the city, but the district of 'Hesse' has a great tradition of making these sausages. By the way, 'bock' beer is ideal to accompany this dish.

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