Luxury? Glamour? Trends? This is exactly what this street offers you: the most exclusive and chic shopping in the city.

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Welcome to Fifth Avenue!

As you will have seen for yourself, the city of Frankfurt is made up of many different cities in one. This characteristic of the city is made up of a great variety of cultures and ways of life that share this space and give the city an element of heterogeneity. If you're looking for a more luxurious Frankfurt, you also have areas which are devoted to such luxury. Near the financial heart of the city where the Main Tower stands, you'll find a street named 'Goethestrasse', which is the ideal place for those looking for upmarket shops in the city. It's on this street where you'll find the shops of the main designers. In fact, it's the street that sets the trends in the city. Known as the fifth avenue of Frankfurt, this golden mile is home to famous brands from Versace to Armani, as well as the main jewellery shops of exclusive brands such as Tiffany or Cartier. This is the avenue in the city which is synonymous with luxury.

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