29 impressive green hectares help to oxygenate the city and it's said that Goethe was inspired under its trees.

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The park of the green castle.

Just like the vast majority of Germany, this city is very much aware of the environment and how important green areas are. This explains why it's normal to find a good number of parks in the city. In this case, 'Grüneburg' is a park which makes up one of its large green areas. It's also called the park of the green castle which refers to a castle that unfortunately no longer exists. Occupying a total of 29 hectares, it's the largest park in the district of 'Westend' and since it was built around the 14th century, this park has always been property of the city's wealthiest families. Bankers, entrepreneurs and politicians have owned this property until the Rothschild family acquired it, who were in charge of building the park that you see nowadays. The folk legend has it that Goethe composed a large number of his works under its trees, while he used to walk around these endless paths. Besides this, the Palm Garden is located very near here, which is one of the loveliest botanical gardens that you could ever see.

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