Nowadays, it's an eye-catching baroque pile with an adjoining café. In the past, it was a passenger station and a police station with its own jail.

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A special building.

This is one of the most special buildings in the whole city. If you come across this building, it surely won't leave you feeling indifferent. It's about a peculiar baroque construction built in 1730 that used to serve as a passenger station and a jail, since this building was an old police station. It was precisely due to this peculiar symbolism that this building was a victim of a revolutionary attack in 1833 by revolutionary democrats. It was taken and partially destroyed but soon after, it was reconstructed to show its peculiar facade again, which could be one of the nicest and most original that you'll ever see. Nowadays, 'Hauptwache' has turned into a café with a very nice terrace that's highly recommended and especially during summer. It's located in the 'An der Hauptwache' plaza and it's the perfect place to rest a while and to watch the coming and going of people on the street.

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