A bar with class, history and prestige. It should be obligatory to taste a cocktail in Jimmy's during your visit to the city.

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Jimmy´s Bar

Frankfurt's Most Emblematic Bar.

One of the most vintage and classy bars in Frankfurt is hidden on the ground floor of the hotel 'Hessischer Hof', which is located on the street named 'Friedrich Ebert Anlage'. As if it was kept as a secret, this curious piano bar named Jimmy's opened many decades ago. The bar's covered and classic-style walls could tell stories of the nights out that many of the city's artists have had in this establishment. Jimmy's was also the chosen place for long social gatherings of many of the intellectuals in the region. Perhaps this was due to the wonderful menu and their exquisitely prepared cocktails, or maybe the fabulous music coming from the bar's piano. Whatever the case may be, this bar is one of the great examples in Frankfurt. But it's their cigarette and cigar menu that makes this bar even more special. If you're a smoker, you'll want to make the most of your visit to try their products. Incidentally, you should also know that they even have their own brand of tobacco.

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