Jazz, blues, rock… it's easy to find places to listen to live music, despite a false reputation of being a city that doesn't have the resources.

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Live Music

Frankfurt is not boring!

In spite of its fame for being a dull city and for lacking atmosphere in the city, Frankfurt enjoys cultural activity which is far from this unfair reputation. In addition to the district of 'Sachsenhausen' and its spectacular nightlife in its bars and taverns, we suggest some other options for you, and If you like live music, the city can offer you some very appealing venues. First up is the 'Die Brotfabrik' at number 4, Bachmann Street where a number of international pop and rock artists have performed at this venue. Besides, it's a great opportunity to try out their café and restaurant. On the other side of the coin, you have the 'Jazzkeller', on the street named 'Kleine Bockenheimer', and as its own name suggests, this is a place to listen to jazz music. But the blues and soul performances organized here, also enjoy a great reputation. We advise you to look at the line up of both venues in advance.

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