It looks like there are two, but there is actually only one. With its rectangular and cylindrical shape, this building is really something special.

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Main Tower

Two in one?

In the city centre, there is a building which is different from the others. It's easily recognizable, it measures about 200 metres tall and it looks like two buildings in one. In effect, the Main Tower building, or Frankfurt Tower, was built between 1996 and 1999, and it's a project that integrates two buildings in one. The smallest is attached to the larger one as it ascends up. The mixture of both cylindrical and rectangular shapes also make it very original. This has made the Main Tower immediately become one of the city's trademarks. In fact, it's the only skyscraper built in this way. As well as this, the building contains an observatory at the top of its 56 floors which is open to the public. It is highly recommended to go up to its observatory because as you can imagine, the views are impressive from this point, and they allow you to get a different perspective of Frankfurt.

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