Mainkai Street or Escape from the City

This street comes to an end in an attractive park, which is worthy of strolls, picnic lunches, relaxation, sports…

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Mainkai Street or Escape from the City

Fresh air!

Mainkai appears like an emergency exit in the city. As if it were about the preparation of a peace stronghold, and far from the activity and hustle and bustle of the frantic rhythm of day-to-day life. Very close to the centre and the riverbank which it's named after, this enormous street opens up to a lovely park where you can rest as you watch the city. But in the distance this time. Neighbours, couples, sportspeople, and all those who need a breath of oxygen and a break for recuperating energy come here to relax. If the weather is good, it's a wonderful place for eating outdoors. In fact, it's normal to see groups of friends eating in the same park. In any case, there's a great variety of restaurants and taverns. By the way, it's an ideal place for tasting the local food and perhaps you'd also like to flavour the famous cider from 'Hesse'.

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