Bars, clubs, pubs… the list of areas with an unmistakable nightlife is fairly large and varied.

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The night is young even in Frankfurt.

Although Frankfurt isn't known as one of the capitals for its nocturnal atmosphere, the city has a few places that are well worth visiting. First of all, you must head down to the district of 'Alt Sachsenhausen'. It's the area of nightlife due to its own merit. You've really got to lose yourself in the so-called kneipen (bars). But the route doesn't end here. The night continues in the districts of 'Zeil' and 'Bleich' . These are especially known for their disco music, and some of the city's liveliest discos open on these streets. As well as those that are open until later. You must know that these two areas are also known for their gay atmosphere and for having a variety of the most designer and state-of-the-art pubs in Frankfurt. Last but not least, the area of 'Kaiserstrasse' also enjoys a fair amount of nightlife atmosphere but it can be somewhat wilder.

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