Its location is dominated by St. Paul's Church and both the square and this church have experienced key moments in the history of Frankfurt.

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A remarkable square.

This square is one of the most important and symbolic in the city and it's located at the foot of the church which it takes its name - the protestant church of St. Paul. This place was the scene of one of Frankfurt's most special historical moments, which occurred during 1848 and 1849 when it was appointed as the city Parliament. Decisions were made in the church and in the square regarding a city that confronted what was known as the Spring of Nations, just like a good few other cities in the country and the continent had to do. In 1903, the Unity Monument was erected in the middle of the square to symbolize the new spirit of the city and to represent how the residents wanted to bury the conflicts without forgetting the past. 'Paulsplatz' is one of the key places to visit, in order to get to know more about this city.

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