These buildings show the splendour of Frankfurt's past and present.

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Central and important.

The 'Römer' is one of the most important buildings in the city. Located in the central square of 'Römerberg', these buildings fulfilled the function of the city council during more than four centuries, since 1405 onward. In fact, what's left of this square is a reconstruction of what there was in that period, since the city of Frankfurt was particularly damaged during the Second World War and this square in particular was left in ruins. But the loyal reconstruction of these three buildings that preside over the square do justice for the glorious times that Frankfurt lived when it was the headquarters of the coronation of German emperors. Besides this, to observe this place also means to contemplate the perfect example of German architecture. Their wooden beams, gable roofs and the patterns in which they are decorated were carefully chosen to be one of the flags of the city.

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