This district isn't just a must-visit due to its authenticity, it also has to be visited for its atmosphere and there's always something to do here!

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Authentic Frankfurt.

It's essential that you visit this district. This area of the city has remained practically intact for centuries and its streets will show you the real Frankfurt. This district lies beside the Main River and the main avenue in this area is 'Schweizer Strabe'. Take this street and go along it until you reach the end. Along this lovely walk, which is full of trees that guide you in the direction that you want to be heading for, you'll find an array of typically German buildings, as well as all kinds of shops, but you'll also find plenty of bars, pubs and taverns. This is because you'll find yourself in one of the liveliest places in the city. The beer and the cider from 'Hesse' are a religion here, just like the food. In fact, you couldn't choose a better place to try the traditional dishes such 'ashandkäs'. Naturally, the atmosphere continues during the night until the early hours, so if you'd like to know what the city is like at night, you've certainly come to the right place.

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