What was an imperial cathedral in the past, is now an immense and reddish-coloured historical church nowadays. A must-visit.

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St. Bartholomew Cathedral

Tall and red.

St. Bartholomew Cathedral or Frankfurt am Main Cathedral is an enormous church of nearly 100 metres in height which witnessed the city of Frankfurt's growth from the 9th century. With its reddish colour caused by its sandstone structure, this church was consecrated to Saint Bartholomew in the year of 1239. The fact that several German emperors were crowned in this place also during the 13th century, is the reason why it was named an imperial church and then 'Kaiserdorm' or Imperial Cathedral. Unfortunately, Allied Forces bombed Frankfurt between 1943 and 1944, which left the city deeply devastated and resulted in human massacre. There was an enormous amount of damage caused to this church, and in fact the interior of the building was completely burned. Nowadays, the cathedral has been completely reconstructed. To the side of the cathedral stands the 'Dommuseum', where a large part of the archaeological heritage can be observed which has formed part of the cathedral and the history of Frankfurt since its beginning.

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