This church is a good example of the religious diversity and the mixture of cultures in Frankfurt.

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St. Catherine's Church

Evangelical and colourful.

The cultural fusion and the religious diversity that Frankfurt has enjoyed throughout its history has caused quite a collage of cultures and civilizations that you can find throughout its streets. One of its most representative signs of this are the churches and temples. Throughout the city, you'll find buildings that represent the traditions and beliefs of some of the people from Frankfurt. This is the case with this Church of St. Catherine. This evangelical church already displays a different shape to the others. Raised in 1681 in honour of a Christian martyr, this church mixes ecclesiastical architecture with typical elements of German civilian constructions such as the noticeable gable roofs. Its colourful facade in tones of yellow also make it original, as well as its peculiar clock with golden hands that crowns its main tower. Despite the bombing of this church during World War II, it survived to remain as one of the nicest churches in the city.

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