To visit the oldest church in the area and its surroundings means to immerse yourself in the origin of the city. Interesting and steeped in history!

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St. Justin's Church Frankfurt

The oldest.

St. Justin's Church is located in the area of one of Frankfurt's suburbs known as 'Höchst'. Located to the west of the city, this suburb has been popular due to the intense industrialization which occurred here during the 19th century. Nevertheless, few people know that the city's most interesting old town is located here. Among its narrow medieval streets, you'll arrive at this church of St. Justin. It stands out primarily due to the beauty of the building, which is an example of the area's religious architecture. But its true interest lies in the fact that it's the oldest church of the region. Besides this, it's believed to be the oldest church in Germany. The building was built in year 830 (although its chapel dates back to 1441). Since then, its stone walls of the Carolingian period have been standing the test of time. Apart from visiting this church, we recommended that you take a walk around this suburb because the origins of Frankfurt are there to be discovered in its streets.

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