Skyscraper Festival and 'Frühlings Dippemesshiuhih' are two of the most representative festivals Goodbye winter! Hello spring!

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Summer Festivals

Long live the good weather!

Perhaps the reason why Germans celebrate the arrival of spring and summer with passion could be due to the fact that they have really cold winters. In fact, it could almost be said that only two seasons exist in Frankfurt: the hot and cold seasons. But two large outdoor events take place with the change of season. In case you're in the city, we'll tell you about a couple of these that you can't leave without visiting them. The first one is the Skyscraper Festival. Curiously enough, this festival is organized during the month of May and curiously takes place in the financial district. It brings colour to these streets and provides an atmosphere which is completely different from the rest of the year. By the way, you'll be able to enter most of the skyscrapers in the city during this week, which are usually closed to the public. The other big event is the one that's organized between March and April in 'Festplatz a.m. Ratsweg', called 'Frühlings Dippemesshiuhih' and it's in charge of celebrating the end of the winter. The whole area is full of stalls offering local food and wines, and there are many musical performances.

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