Besides the mountains, you'll also come across the famous geothermal springs between Frankfurt and Taunus that are well worth this tour!

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An area of mountains.

The Tanus mountain range is one of the mountainous areas that surround the city of Frankfurt. The origins of civilizations were found here on these mountains which settled on what is presently the city of today. On the route that joins Frankfurt with Taunus, you'll find a few of the famous geothermal springs such as 'Wiesbaden' or 'Bad Homburg'. Within its enormous parks, you'll come across several circuits of natural thermal waters that have been around here for thousands of years. The town of 'Königstein' is waiting for you to pass the excursion's finish line. This town is one of the oldest enclaves of the region and as you walk and lose yourself among its stone narrow streets, you can observe the typically famous German houses with their gable roofs, balconies and their wooden and stone walls. The real adventurers can continue up to 'Grosser Feldberg', which is the highest peak in this area with a height of 881 metres.

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