This is a different and interesting artistic refuge of telephone equipment and stamps, among many other items and objects.

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The Communication Museum

The needle in the haystack.

On the street named 'Schaumainkai' in the city centre, you'll find this unusual museum which is a different kind of place from the rest of the exhibitions and it's called the Communication Museum. This peculiar museum offers you a journey through the evolution of modes of communication which takes you up to our time nowadays. You will find all types of ancient and baffling machines or gadgets used for communication purposes. However, there are two collections that you have to go and see. The first is a collection of telephone equipment which ranges from 1863 up to nowadays and the second collection is an exhibition of relics from postal services, especially stamps that have come from all over the world and from all periods in time. In contrast, there are usually peculiar and state-of-the-art modes of communication in the museum's temporary exhibition halls which are based on the publicity and the marketing that the most innovating modes of communication have to offer.

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