This initiative of importing English theatre arose in 1979. It was a success and it still continues to be successful: the tickets nearly always sell out!

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The English Theatre

Theatre in English.

In 1979, a group of actors came from the United States, England and South Africa to carry out a peculiar initiative, which was to create a theatre in order to bring the most important works in the English language. With such a crazy idea, they began a project which gradually became one of the greatest in the city and although the theatre had to change its premises and its name several times, it currently occupies an impressive building at number 7 on a street named 'Gallusanlage', and the spectators are delighted to sell out the tickets, week after week. Naturally, the key principle of this theatre is to bring the adaptations of works in the English language. This explains why its programme is eclectic, bringing classic and modern works to the boards which range from musicals to other forms of theatre.

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