Do you like flowers? Remember to visit this market on Fridays and you'll be amazed by its variety of flowers and its great atmosphere.

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The Flower Market

Blooming Fridays.

Every Friday, the district of 'Biebergrasse' transforms and becomes a colourful place which is full of people and this is because the Flower Market or 'Blumenmarkt' is organized here in this area. As its name suggest, the first thing that you are going to find in this market are all the flowers and plants that you can imagine. You'll find bunches of flowers of all species and colours, to plants from the area and any other place in the world. In fact, its exotic plant stalls are very popular, where you can find bonsais to small vegetable plants that we have never heard of. But it doesn't end here because you can find all kinds of different stalls here as the market is so big. There are also many little stalls that sell regional products and organic food. It's worth a visit just for the atmosphere that you can enjoy here.

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