Are you looking for a special souvenir? Here, you'll find books, CDs, kitchen utensils, clothes and antiques.

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The Frankfurt Street Market

The most popular.

Week after week, the Frankfurt street market takes place in a half-way point between the river and the city centre. Set up in the area which is surrounded by the street named 'Schaumainkai', this market is one of the oldest and most popular in the city. All residents of the city have come here at some time in search of all kinds of things. From kitchen-related products (it's normal to find things like food, recipes and kitchen utensils), to furniture, books, CDs and clothes - many clothes. But this market is perhaps best known for its antiques. It's possible to find all kinds of testimonies from other times here in this market, from decorative objects to old publications that can't be found in bookshops. If you are thinking about taking home some kind of souvenir from this trip, you're in the ideal place.

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